Distinction and classification between ampoule bottles and penicillin bottles

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Distinction and classification between ampoule bottles and penicillin bottles

Distinction and classification between ampoule bottles and penicillin bottles


Ampoule bottle: a high-quality sealing thin glass vials, used to store the injectable drugs and vaccines in serum is one of the most common medical, such as the drip with the medicine are generally ampoules ampoule bottle is sealed a body, ampoule bottle needs to be broken, when using sharp fracture easily hurt, so in the medical waste classification catalogue due to traumatic medical waste, after use special medical sharps should be directly into the yellow box (select appropriate specifications of sharps boxes, filled with three-quarters of the sealing transport).



Penicillin bottle: a small bottle sealed with rubber stopper, of amber, clera and other kinds, generally made of glass. The bottleneck part is fine, and the thickness below the bottleneck is the same. The mouth of the bottle is slightly thicker than the neck and slightly thinner than the body. It is generally used as a bottle for medicinal injection and oral liquid, etc. (it is mainly used for storing penicillin in the early stage, so it is called "bottle for penicillin"). Penicillin bottles are sealed with rubber stopper and are thicker than ampoules. After use, it is not easy to hurt people or be contaminated. Therefore, the regulations clearly stipulate that the discarded bottles of various glass (disposable plastic) infusion bottles (bags), penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics that have not been contaminated by patients' blood, body fluids and feces are not infectious wastes and do not need to be treated as medical wastes.