How to judge the quality of aluminum-plastic composite cap

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How to judge the quality of aluminum-plastic composite cap


      Medical aluminum-plastic composite cap is mainly used in medical chemical packaging and other industries different industries have different requirements for medical aluminum-plastic composite cap in order to better understand the medical aluminum-plastic composite cap, today let's see how to judge the quality of medical aluminum-plastic composite cap through the appearance.


      Point 1. Check the riveting riveting points in the same size, the surface should be smooth, uniform thickness, no burr, color consistent with plastic cap color change diameter riveting point should be bigger than aluminum cap rivet hole diameter of 1-1.5 mm, medicinal lu: su composite cap automatic forming machine can meet all the requirements and manually riveting timeliness, uneven surface peripheral round wire drawing burrs and wait for a phenomenon, especially for riveting operation of hand tools, electric heating temperature control, the riveting material balance, there will be a color, appear even anxious burnt phenomenon.


      Point 2. Check the gap between plastic parts and aluminum parts: rivet and shape the bottle cap with mechanical equipment, heat and pressure at the same time, plastic parts and aluminum parts are closely combined, no gap and hand rivet can not add pressure, resulting in a large gap between aluminum and plastic caps, can be moved up and down.


      Point 3. Check whether the aluminum cap is deformed: whether the edge of the aluminum cap is neat, whether the height of the aluminum cap conforms to the packaging requirements, and whether the roundness of the aluminum cap, such as oxidation treatment (or coating treatment), can directly affect the normal working of the capping machine.


      Point 4. Check the tear point after the medical alumino-plastic composite cap is opened: check whether the burr at the break point is too large after the medical alumino-plastic composite cap is opened;Check whether there is burr or undamaged after opening the medical aluminum-plastic composite cap.


      Point 5. Check the strength of aluminum cap: in addition to aluminum cap material (8011-h16), the thickness of aluminum is also an important factor that directly affects the strength of aluminum cap.28--33mm aluminum cap, aluminum thickness within the range of 0.23--0.25mm.



      In our country, some small workshop enterprises, there is no production conditions, neither automation equipment, and no environment purification, aluminum cap not clean, the manual will be aluminum cap with plastic cap is combined, using tools for hot riveting, soldering iron or simple some manufacturers even have direct contact with drugs, the stopper is assembled by hand (such as oral liquid preparations in the current situation of domestic common manual install plug), it does not comply with the GMP standard such as according to the above points check carefully, is mechanical riveting and can be manually riveting medicinal lu: su composite cap of distinction.


      Taian yoully, is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials, with automatic generation equipment and online automatic inspection system, the product 100% online detection, to ensure the consistency and stability of the product size, to meet customer requirements.