Youlyy's technical designers have more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. They are good at pharmaceutical glass bottles, pharmaceutical caps, pharmaceutical bottle stoppers design.

1. Category of pharmaceutical glass bottles

    1.1 Material: sodium calcium glass, low borosilicate glass, neutral borosilicate glass, high borosilicate glass.

    1.2 Production method: tubular glass bottles, moulded glass bottles.

    1.3 Color: colorless transparent, brown, blue, other colors.

    1.4 Shape of the mouth: crimp mouth, ordinary thread mouth, anti-theft thread mouth.

    1.5 Crimp mouth: standard crimp mouth, crimp mouth with snap ring, crimp mouth with bulge on top, crimp mouth with groove top, crimp mouth with European type anti-jumper stopper, crimp mouth with American type anti-jumper stopper.

    1.6 Shoulder shape: shoulder with small radian measure, round shoulder, slip shoulder.

    1.7 External printing: screen printing, hot gold, hot silver, etc

    1.8 External treatment: spray color, frosting

    1.9 Application fields: biopharmaceutical, vaccine, antibiotics, blood products, Gene medication, oral liquid, cosmetics and other fields.

    1.10 Suitable for stocking articlesfreeze-dried powder, room temperature powder, liquid injection, oral liquid, solid, various health care products, cosmetics and daily necessities.

2. Classification of pharmaceutical caps

    2.1 Aluminum seal: open type aluminum seal, full tear off aluminum seal, aluminum seal with center hole, puncture type aluminum seal, aluminum seal with pull ring, ropp caps(pilfer proof cap), screw aluminum cap.

    2.2 Flip off cap(aluminum-plastic combination caps): normal flip off cap, tear off cap, tear off cap with pull ring.

    2.3 Application fields: biopharmaceutical, vaccine, antibiotics, blood products, Gene medication, oral liquid, cosmetics and other fields.

3. Classification of pharmaceutical rubber stoppers

    3.1 Material: chlorobutyl rubber stopper, bromobutyl rubber stopper, butyronitrile rubber stopper

    3.2 Application: injection rubber stopper, infusion rubber stopper, lyophilization rubber stopper, oral liquid rubber stopper, rubber stopper for vacuum blood-collecting tube, rubber plunger for syringe.

4. Pharmaceutical packaging design

    We can design the most reasonable pharmaceutical packing according to the relevant standards, the customer's using field, the characteristic and order quantity.

5. Response time of scheme design

    Not more than 3 working days.

6. How to get the design from us?

    6.1 In this website, after you check the product, click "I want to make an inquiry". After completing the necessary information, click "Submission".

    6.2 In this website, you can submit your request using the "online messages" in "CONTACT".

    We will receive SMS reminders, email reminders soon and reply you within 3 working days.