The Basic Idea
      1. Scientific research and innovation are the only way to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
      2. learning from the high point of the industry. It's not the best, It's only better. 
      3. We invite scientific research and innovation talents to join our team to provide sufficient intellectual support for the development of the enterprise.
      4. We alway improve the scientific research and innovation service system and encourage the mechanism inside the enterprise, and stimulate the internal power of the employee's independent innovation. Encourage employees to innovate in core technology, and encourage employees to apply for technical patents.
      5. We continuously increased the investment in scientific research and innovation, set up a multi-channel research and innovation investment mechanism, and perfected the diversified scientific research and innovation financing system.
      6. Optimize the investment of scientific research and innovation funds, and increase the investment in production equipment, production technology, laboratory, scientific instrument, quality control instruments, literature and data.
      7. Strengthen the work in the intellectual property right, and attach importance to the creation of enterprise intangible assets.
Achievements of scientific research and innovation
      1. We improved the production equipment, improved precision control and qualified rate.
      2. In cooperation with high-tech enterprises, we have developed a fully automated online inspection equipment for controlling glass vials and caps, which greatly improves the stability and consistency of product quality and avoids inspector errors in inspection.
      3. We have developed the control glass vial water resistance guarantee measure, at the same time has greatly improved the control glass vial chemical and the physical performance.
      4. We have developed the production technology of large diameter controlled glass bottle.
      5. We have developed a variety of control glass bottles of special-shaped mouth, shoulder, special-shaped bottom production technology.
      6. We have developed the technical guarantee measures to reduce aluminum scraps on the aluminum caps.