Warmly welcome foreign customers to audit our factory!

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Warmly welcome foreign customers to audit our factory!
    On November 25, it was sunny and warm in winter. Our company has welcomed old customers from abroad to send staff to our factory for annual audit work. We warmly welcome customers to come to our factory for audit.
    Since the founding of our factory, our customers have been ordering 13mm open aluminium-plastic combination cap, 20mm antibiotic bottle cap, tear-proof aluminium cap and other medical aluminium cap, aluminium-plastic combination cap, 10ml, 15ml injection control glass bottle, oral liquid glass bottle, with 13mm, 20mm rubber plug and silica gel plug products. Customers visited the factory this time to consult a series of product related documents and inspect the production site of the product. Customers have put forward valuable suggestions for improvement of medical bottle caps and open aluminium caps, and our factory has actively improved and strictly implemented the suggestions and suggestions put forward by customers. It provides more direct and objective guidance for future product production.
    Our factory staff also accompanied customers to visit the production site of pull ring aluminium cap, anti-theft aluminium cap and threaded tube bottle, YBB standard ampoule, ISO standard ampoule. It will lay a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future.
    Our factory always welcomes new and old customers to visit our factory.
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