Knowledge of Penicillin Vial

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Knowledge of Penicillin Vial

Knowledge of Penicillin Vial


    Penicillin vial is devide into moulded and tubular according to the process.The moulded glass vial is mainly soda lime glass, its physical and chemical stability is not very good, mostly used for filling veterinary drugs. The tubular glass vial is mostly made of borosilicate glass, including low borosilicate glass and neutral borosilicate glass. The cost of neutral borosilicate is higher, and the raw material glass tube is basically imported,the penetration rate in China is very low, and it is mostly used to contain high value-added drugs such as serum and freeze-dried powder needles.Low borosilicate glass penicillin vial can account for more than 95% of the domestic market share, with a particularly high penetration rate.


    Its English name is penicillin vial. because penicillin was used to put in the vials in the early days,it was called penicillin vial or penicillin glass bottle. Generally, there are two kinds of colors: amber and colorless transparent,they are used with butyl rubber stoppers and aluminium plastic caps.


    The chemical performance of the tubular glass vials is stable, the wall is thin and uniform, which is conducive to heat transfer and good transparency. Mainly used for packaging of vaccines, biological agents, powder injection, freeze-dried drugs and cosmetics.