Classification and characteristics of medicinal glass bottles

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Taian Youlyy Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is a collection of design, production, sales in one of the modern, new pharmaceutical packaging production enterprises, specializing in phar

Classification and characteristics of medicinal glass bottles


    At present, medicinal glass bottles are still the first choice for the general infusion agent, antibiotic powder, freeze-dried vaccine blood biological preparations, and most of them are packed with medicinal glass, mainly white and brown oral liquid bottles and moulded brown medicinal glass bottles.

    There are a variety of medicinal glass bottles, ranging from small bottles with a capacity of 1ML to large bottles with a capacity of more than 10 liters, from round and square bottles to special-shaped ones with handles, from colorless and transparent amber bottles with green, blue and black shading bottles and opaque opaque glass bottles.

    Classification of medicinal glass bottles:

    1. In terms of manufacturing process, medicinal glass bottles are generally divided into moulded bottles and control bottles, which are divided into large mouth bottles (the diameter of the mouth of the bottle is over 30MM) and small mouth bottles. The former is used to hold powdery blocks and pastels, and the latter is used to hold liquids.

    2. According to the form of bottle mouth, it is divided into cork bottle mouth, screw bottle mouth, cap bottle mouth, rolling bottle mouth, frosted bottle mouth, etc. According to the usage, it can be divided into "disposable bottles" and "recycled bottles".

    3. According to the classification of the contents, it can be divided into acid bottle, medicine bottle, reagent bottle, infusion bottle, preparation bottle and so on.

    4. Medicinal glass bottles can be roughly divided into the following categories according to the different USES of drugs: infusion package, oral solution package, tablet, capsule package, powder injection package and infusion package.

    Characteristics of medicinal glass bottles:

    The standard of medicinal glass bottle is an important branch of the national standard system of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Because medicaments bottle wants direct contact medicine, some even undertake longer medicine is stored, the quality of medicaments bottle is related to the quality of medicine directly, concern the health of person and safety. Therefore, the standard of medicinal glass bottles has special and strict requirements, which can be summarized as follows: it is more systematic and comprehensive, which enhances the selectivity of the product standard and overcomes the lag of the standard on the product; The new standard defines the principle that the same kind of product is formulated according to different materials, which greatly expands the coverage scope of the standard, enhances the applicability and selectivity of various new drugs for different glass materials and products with different properties, and changes the relative lag of the standard for product development in the general product standard.

    Pharmaceutical glass bottles are packaging materials directly in contact with drugs. They occupy a large proportion in the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and have irreplaceable properties and advantages. Their standards have a vital impact on the quality of pharmaceutical packaging and the development of the industry.

    In the five glass bottles for traditional Chinese medicine covered by the national standard for pharmaceutical packaging materials, each product is classified into three categories according to its material and performance:
    The first type is borosilicate glass;
    The second type is low borosilicate glass:
    The third type is sodium calcium glass.

    Although a certain kind of product of a certain kind of material has not been produced yet, the standard of this kind of product has been introduced, which solves the lag problem of the standard after the product is produced. All kinds of drugs with different grades, performances, USES and dosage forms have more flexible and larger selection space for products and standards with different materials.
    Taian Youlyy Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is a collection of design, production, sales in one of the modern, new pharmaceutical packaging production enterprises, specializing in pharmaceutical glass bottles, aluminum lid, aluminum plastic composite lid production and manufacturing. The company strictly adhere to GMP standardized production, product quality are better than the national standards, and has been the national drug approval center registration number publicity.