Medical aluminum - plastic composite cap processing notes

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Medical aluminum - plastic composite cap processing notes

Medical aluminum - plastic composite cap processing notes


1. Plastic materials should be non-toxic, heat resistant, water resistant, have good corrosion resistance and light resistance, after 120 degrees of high temperature steam disinfection for 30 minutes (or 130 degrees of high temperature steam disinfection for 5 minutes) do not deform, do not fade, and have good secondary heat bonding properties of the material, usually using polypropylene.


2. Medicinal aluminum - plastic composite caps should choose aluminum alloy materials, aluminum-plastic combination cap after stamping molding, must clean, the purpose is to remove the stamping process of coating on aluminium on lubricating oil and dust. Even after the lid after the anodized, into the factory after the fabrication and application of cleaning, drying, and then through conveying mechanism into the purification. Medicinal lu: su composite cap after high temperature during injection molding, general need not clean, directly through the transmission between institutions into the purification. The emphasis here is on the cleaning of plastic and plastic injection molding, since entering the purification, until after forming into the packing, the entire process should no longer be with the hand to touch, to prevent pollution.


3. For the cleaned medical aluminum-plastic composite cap, in the purification room, in the forming process of the medical aluminum-plastic composite cap, the production equipment, where the part in direct contact with the aluminum or plastic cap, should be easy to clean, non-toxic, pollution-free stainless steel materials.


4. In the process of stamping the medical aluminum plastic composite cap, such as the use of the break point or Nick, should check the size of the break point and the depth of the Nick, so as to ensure the stability of the tearing force.


5. In the anodization process, it should be noted that if the pickling time of the aluminum cap is too long, the thickness of the aluminum cap will be thinner and the strength will be reduced, so it cannot be used.



According to the above process processing of the pharmaceutical aluminum plastic composite cap, aluminum-plastic combination cap into the pharmaceutical factory packaging bottle, generally don't have to wash, as long as the disinfected. That will not wash after stamping aluminum cap, in combined with plastic cap again after cleaning or go to the pharmaceutical industry to cleaning process is not satisfactory, because the assembled the cap plastic and is tightly pressed together, not clean, at the same time, between the plastic cap and aluminum cap can preserve moisture or dirt, dry processing is not easy to volatilize is clean, and wash not net, after drying will leave stains.