Pharmaceutical glass bottle classification

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Pharmaceutical glass bottle classification

Pharmaceutical glass bottle classification


According to the different purposes of the products can be divided into the following categories:



(1)oral liquid packaging: most oral liquid preparations are health products, most of which are pharmaceutical glass packaging, mainly white and brown oral liquid bottles and molded brown glass medicine bottles.


(2)lyophilizer packaging: lyophilizer packaging includes control bottles and molded bottles. There were ampoules before, but now they are basically obsolete.


(3) tablet and capsule packaging: in recent years, tablet and capsule packaging has been constantly replaced by plastic bottles, aluminum foil and other materials, but the high-quality light and light-proof brown or white glass bottle still has its irreplaceable advantages and development space.


(4) powder injection packaging: powder injection is one of the five pharmaceutical preparations in China, mainly including various antibiotic drugs. The packaging is mainly molded injection bottles and controlled injection bottles. At present, molded injection bottles account for 70%~80% of domestic powder injection packaging, and controlled injection bottles account for 20% ~ 30%. The former is characterized by stable size and high strength; The latter is characterized by light weight and good transparency. At present, there is an increasing trend of controlled injection bottles at home and abroad.


(5) injection packaging: the main form of injection packaging is ampoules. There are two kinds of flexible ampoules produced in China: one is that the ampoule has a notch on the neck, and the upper part of the notch has a color mark; The other is that there is a glass color ring with low melting point in the neck of the ampoule. Because the color ring is different from the expansion coefficient of the ampoule glass itself, local stress can be generated and it is easy to break.


(6) infusion packaging: domestic large infusion packaging mainly glass infusion bottles. Plastic infusion container gradually growth, but high quality type lightweight Ⅱ infusion bottle still have a certain competitive advantage. Glass infusion bottle with bright and transparent, easy to disinfect, erosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good sealing performance and other characteristics, is still the preferred packaging of ordinary infusion agent.


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