Sterilization Resistance and coating firmness of Aluminium-plastics Combination Caps for Antibiotics Bottles

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Sterilization resistance and coating firmness of aluminium-plastics combination caps for antibiotics bottles

Sterilization resistance and coating firmness of aluminium-plastics  combination caps  for  antibiotics  bottles


According to the test items of ybb00372003-2015 for the aluminum-plastic composite cover for antibiotic bottles in the national standards for pharmaceutical packaging materials, the testing methods for sterilization resistance and coating firmness are as follows  :


[sterilization resistance] take appropriate amount of aluminium- plastics  combination caps,  put it on the appropriate bottle with marked water capacity (add rubber plug),  and seal it with sealing device. After sealing , keep it in the steam sterilizer for 30 minutes at 121 ° c ±2 ° c , including 130 ° c ±2 ° c for 5 minutes. After sterilizing the bottle cap , the plastic parts can withstand the steam sterilization temperature of 130℃ without deformation and discoloration . The surface of the aluminum parts should not change significantly. The cap should be free from fracture and abnormal deformation.



[coating firmness] take appropriate amount of aluminium-plastics  combination caps (coated on outer surface),After 30 minutes of steam sterilization at 121 ° c ±2 ° c, including 130 ° c ±2 ° c for 5 minutes, the plastic parts were removed, and the absorbent cotton soaked with 80% (V/V) ethanol solution was used to wipe the surface for 30 seconds, and then the absorbent cotton soaked with 70% (V/V) isopropanol solution was used to wipe the surface for 30 seconds. The coating should have no wear.


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