Advantages of aluminum - plastic composite cap

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Advantages of aluminum - plastic composite cap

Advantages of aluminum - plastic composite cap


In the medical packaging , aluminum - plastic combination cap is a common packaging cap, then, as a common medical cap . What are its advantages  ?


First of all,  the medical aluminum-plastic composite cap is mainly aluminum alloy (8011H16 aluminum) and plastic material ( polypropylene PP ) , after special processing into the medical bottle cap . As a medical bottle cap, aluminum-plastic composite cap has various specifications and is easy to open.  It is widely used in medicine.  In the sealing of bottled liquids such as antibiotics,  injections, oral liquid and infusion, aluminum-plastic composite cap has also played its unique advantages .

Next, aluminum-plastic combination cover structure is simple, cost is low, sealing sex is good, use rise is more convenient. Aluminum plastic composite cover has many advantages, such as stable torque, can reduce the open time; Tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and these are the combined cap as a medical bottle cap is widely used, you can see why it is so popular in the medical field.



As a common medical packaging cap,  aluminum-plastic composite cap will play an important role in different fields and lay a good foundation for its future market development .


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