The development trend of the glass cartridge

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The development trend of the glass cartridge

The development trend of the glass cartridge


Glass cartridge is a new glass bottle in the pharmaceutical packaging market in recent years. It was first introduced by a German company in 2002, and soon won the favor of the pharmaceutical industry in the world. Now it has developed into many varieties and specifications. In 2004, Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises began to use the aluminum cap of the glass cartridge.


The glass cartridge is a antibiotics bottle without a bottom, the top of the bottle is sealed with a rubber plug and an aluminum cap. the bottom is sealed with a piston of the same material as the rubber plug. When the liquid is loaded, it is a syringe without a needle and a push rod. The glass tube for making glass cartridge requires uniform inner diameter, standard round inner wall cross section, smooth inner wall and no defects, this ensures a good seal with the piston. The injection packaged in a glass cartridge shall be used in combination with the reusable cassette injection rack, cassette semi-automatic injection pen and cassette full-automatic injection pen. As the internal packaging material of injection, the complete glass cartridge packaging consists of the glass cartridge body, the aluminum cap, the rubber pad and the piston. The structure and size of each part can refer to the relevant national standards, and the enterprise can also design the structure and size of each part according to the actual situation of the enterprise. The structure and size of the aluminum cap should be matched to the bottleneck of the glass cartridge.



With the continuous improvement of human living standard, more and more attention has been paid to the demand for health, and the awareness of unsafe injection of traditional ampoule bottles has become clearer and clearer, so the use of ampoule bottles is bound to be limited and eventually eliminated. However, the appearance of glass cartridge has solved the unsafe injection problems in ampoules and so on. It will be a better replacement product for ampoules, so glass cartridge will be the development trend of injection packaging.


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