What are the uses of sterile glass bottles and injection glass bottles?

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What are the uses of sterile glass bottles and injection glass bottles?

 Sterile glass bottles have many advantages and become very common in our daily life. Its high chemical stability and strong plasticity make it popular in drug packaging, especially in the selection of injection drug packaging materials. Below, we will understand the classification principle of those common imported glass vials.


    There are many kinds of medicinal glass bottles, which are made into various shapes, such as injection glass bottles, penicillin bottles and so on, according to the state and use of the medicine. According to the sensitivity of drugs to light requirements, often made of transparent bottles or brown bottles; Because the medicine bottle needs to be in contact with the medicine, the glass material with good physical and chemical properties such as acid and alkali resistance and heat stability should be generally selected during the production.


    Penicillin bottle, namely glass bottles commonly used for vaccine packaging, are sealed with rubber stopper and sealed with top aluminum cap. The bottleneck is relatively thin. The difference between the bottle and the ampoule bottle is that the bottle mouth is sealed with a rubber stopper, and the bottle body wall is thicker as a whole, so it is not easy to hurt people or cause secondary pollution due to exposure. Penicillin bottles get their name from the original drug penicillin and are now commonly used to hold oral liquids. In terms of production technology, the penicillin bottles are usually molded or controlled with sterile glass bottles. The molded penicillin bottles are generally made with sodium-calcium glass, which has weak physical and chemical stability, relatively simple production technology and high yield.


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